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Crown Molds & Decorative Trim

Are you looking to add style and appeal to your home or business? Crown molding is an effective and affordable way to add texture, depth, and dynamic interest to any room. Often used as a decorative transition between surfaces, crown molding and decorative trim may be just the solution you are looking for to add the perfect finishing touches to your building. Stick around to learn more about the various types and applications of crown molding and decorative trim.

Our highly experienced building professionals here at RB Plastering and Stucco, Inc. know more about crown molding and decorative trim than just about anyone. The simple straight lines and ornate carvings unique to these style options can create endless combinations for improvement within any architectural style. Crown molding and the installation of decorative trim can also be used to hide imperfections, repair drywall, and cover up gaps and holes in plastered or painted walls.

Crown molding is commonly used for cabinets, pilasters, and wall cappings. It can also be used to create cornice assemblies and window and door hoods. You are probably accustomed to seeing crown molds in areas of a room where the ceiling meets the wall. In addition to adding elegance and style, crown molding can also hide imperfections and holes in walls and ceilings. It can add decorative detail to large furniture such as armoires and china cabinets.

Cove molding is another form of crown molding which can be used where the wall meets the ceiling and also near the floor as a baseboard. It can be implemented to hide large gaps, cover wall-to-wall carpet edges, and replace existing damaged baseboard molding. It can also be used in the construction of bookcases, cabinets, archways, and window boxes.

Corner bead molding also falls under the category of crown molding and decorative trim despite the fact that it is more commonly used for repairs and damage prevention. The edges and corners of walls need protection so that plaster and paint do not flake or chip off. Corner bead molds can also cover visible joints and studs, and can be used to hide damage and imperfections. As with all crown molds and decorative trim, corner bead molds are available in a variety of materials and designs and can also be painted.

Now that you know a little more about some of the crown molding and decorative trim options available to you, it is time to get in touch with RB Plastering and Stucco, Inc. and get started making your home or workplace more beautiful! Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you. Our qualified team of experts are happy to service the following Florida counties and locations:

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