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Restore Plaster in Historical Buildings

Caring for a historical building is both a great gift and a great responsibility. Historical buildings can be beautiful visual representations of our past and serve as windows in time. If you are the steward of a historical building, then you appreciate the importance of maintaining as much of the original materials as possible. Many buildings face the inevitable challenge of plaster damage or deterioration over time, however, and this can be both unsightly and dangerous.

At RB Plastering and Stucco, Inc., we share a deep love for plaster and the historical heritage of plasterwork in older buildings. Our experience over three decades of working with plaster allows us the great honor to expertly restore plaster in historical buildings, and we great take pride in this role. If you have a building in need of plaster restoration, you can save time and money by enlisting the help of our highly qualified experts to get the job done right the first time.

For millennia, builders have been using plaster for its variability, fire-resistant and sound buffering qualities, and its aesthetic appeal. Until the end of the 19th century, craftsman used lime plaster, which could take up to a year to dry. Thankfully, this type of plaster is extremely durable, and for this reason we still have original plasterwork in even the oldest of historical buildings. However, some degree of deterioration is inevitable over time.

At RB Plastering and Stucco, we believe that every effort should be made to restore plaster in historical buildings. The historic value of original plaster is immense. We are proud to possess the experience, tools, and trade skills required to perform such a delicate and significant job. No matter how complex or intricate the work may be, we will be able to restore your building to its original condition.

There are many remedies we can use to restore plaster in historical buildings such as repairing the structural cause of the damage or removing small sections of the damaged plaster to allow for moisture to dry. Minor structural or cosmetic damage can almost always be repaired. Some common forms of restoration include filing hairline cracks, fabric canvassing for uneven walls, patching small holes, replacing areas that have become delaminated, and replacing areas of plaster or lath on damaged ceilings.

Restoring plaster in historical buildings is a delicate and important job. You can trust our dedicated and experienced restoration experts here at RB Plastering and Stucco, Inc. to get your historical building back in top shape without compromising its historical integrity, safety, or appeal. Contact us today to learn more. Our qualified team of experts are happy to service the following Florida counties and locations:

Brevard, Indian River, Martin, Palm Beach, Broward, Pinellas, Collier, Marion – Ocala, Alachua – Gainsville, Orange County, FL

With over 35 years’ experience and numerous residential and commercial projects complete, RB Plastering & Stucco is the logical choice for your next construction project. Give us a call and schedule a time where we can discuss your project and provide an accurate quote. Experience definitely counts and you can depend on RB Plastering & Stucco to get the job done right the first time. Call us at (772) 216 - 0397 or complete the online quote request.